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We are designing and creating unique clothes for children, our products are made with passion and love. Every order is approached individually.


Our patterns  reflect the dedication and care in creating every detail to offer hight- quality designs.


We offer the products which are created in a workshop in Poland from beginning to end.

Among our products, you will not find poor quality clothes with the tag "made in China".


How do we create our clothes?
Mati Made is a brand that objects to so- called "fast fashion" which takes advantage of recent trends. That growing trend generates lots of low quality clothes which os so harmful to the environment.
 Our clothes are cut and sewed, right after we get the order from a client. Even though Mati Made products are custom- made so the wainting time is longer than in a chaince store- we have a constantly growing number of (very) satistifed clients.
How did is start?
Mati Made is a family business, started by a married couple- Kasia i Rafał.
We came up with the idea to start a brand in 2015. We spontaneously sewed a sensory book for our sin- Michał, later on, we sewed a backpack for him. Then, we showed the effects of our work in social media and that is how the idea to create clothes started. 
The first one was baggy trousers, then hats and infinity scarf which were really liked by our customers <3
In our projects, we are trying to come up to customers' expections and create the most unique and comfortable clothes. Our clothes are perfect to wear to the kindergarten, playground and also at the family celebrations such as weddings, christening, birthdays, etc. The clothes are not encumbering motions, they are comfy and what's more, children present themselves really nice :))
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